Unchained Melody

Unchained Melody
  • 《Unchained Melody》演唱歌手: 万芳
  • 《Unchained Melody》所属专辑: Tea For Two
  • 作词:Hy Zaret
  • 作曲:Alex North
  • 编曲:
  • 发布时间:2017-08-22
  • 歌曲风格: 台湾   万芳   女声   流行   更多标签  


Unchained Melody 歌词

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歌曲Unchained Melody是歌手万芳演唱的一首歌曲。 Oh my love
My darling
I've hungered for your touch
A long lonely time And time goes by so slowly
And time can do so much
Are you still mine?
I need your love
I need your love
God speed your love to me
Lonely rivers flow
To the sea
To the sea
To the open arms Of the sea
Lonely rivers sigh Wait for me, wait for me I'll be coming home
Wait for me.
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