If You Want Me

If You Want Me
  • 《If You Want Me》演唱歌手: Markéta Irglová
  • 《If You Want Me》所属专辑: Live From San Francisco
  • 作词:
  • 作曲:
  • 编曲:
  • 发布时间:2017-10-13
  • 歌曲风格: OST   民谣   原声纯粹   Folk   安静  


If You Want Me 歌词

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歌曲If You Want Me是歌手Markéta Irglová演唱的一首歌曲。 are you really here
or am i dreaming?
i can't tell dream from truth
fop it's been so long
since i have seen you
i can hardly remember your face anymore
when i get pretty lonely
and the distance causes only silence
i think of your smiling
with pride in your eyes
lover that signs

if you want me
satisfy me

are you really sure that you believe me
when others say i lie
i wonder if you could ever despise me
when you know i really tried
to be a better one
to satisfy you
for you are everything to me
and i'll do what you ask me
if you let me be free

if you want me
satisfy me

if you want me
satisfy me
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